Friday, October 16, 2015

Pre-Construction Meeting? DONE!

Well, today was the first day this whole home-building thing felt real. Really real. Not just playing-around real. Really real real.
We meet the PM, who comes across as an incredibly prepared, in-control and competent individual and just exudes trust. Every question we threw at him, he answered thoroughly and without making us feel totally in over out heads, which is no small accomplishment! Definitely the man with the plan!
We did catch a missed change request for a gas line rough-in to the backyard that got lost amidst the whole after-the-last-second kitchen change. It's now added along with a rough-in for a water softener. (Thanks go out to the Villages of Winding Creek Facebook group for that one!)
All in all, after close to the hours, we feel so ready for this! The best part? OUR HOUSE IS STAKED OUT! And we got to walk around and imagine! So incredibly awesome! Our PM assured us, that even though it may look small, it isn't. (Imaginary Panic #1 averted!)
We break ground next week, weather permitting! Here's hoping for a mild winter with no construction delays! Let's do this!

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