Thursday, January 21, 2016

We're So Happy!

Most expensive key fob we've ever owned.

A Peek Inside Before We Move In

I have to admit, I was afraid to post pictures from our pre-settlement walk through on Tuesday - I didn't want to jinx the closing! Crazy, eh? That's why home buying does to me - it clearly pushes me beyond the bounds of all sanity!

Now that we've closed (can I get a WAHOO?) I have no more fears so here's the pics we took of the inside - before we start moving in and mess it all up. :)

First Floor

Here's the look around the first floor:
The kitchen

More kitchen (we now realize that we need 50, count'em 50, pulls/knobs for our kitchen cabinet doors and drawers - pretty sure we went a little overboard on the cabinets)

The pantry (it's huge!!!!)

The study (my new office!)

Stairs, study doors and front door

Second Floor

Now poking around the second floor:

Top of the stairs
Landing at the top of the stairs

Laundry room (on the second floor!)

Master bedroom
Master bath



Bathroom selfie :)

And that's about it!

We Closed!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Closing Week!

It's like Shark Week, but only better - at least in our eyes! We're closing this week and will be finally getting to post some complete interior pictures of all of the finished work!

The bad part about closing in January is that they won't be able to do the final grade and pour the driveway until the ground thaws. The mud from the yard and the base for the temporary driveway are two ingredients for a disaster inside our new house! Hopefully we'll be able to mitigate the damage until spring, but it's going to be a challenge!

Stay tuned for some more updates - really, we will post more, I promise! Our adventure is really just beginning - as is evidenced by our ever-growing Google Keep lists of things to do, things to get and everything else that is goes into moving into a new house!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Inside in January!

Ugh! Not spending any time at all inside of the house has really crimped our ability to post updates! We simply don't have much to say (as crazy as that sounds)! We've mostly been spending our time working on updates to our existing house to (hopefully) help it sell! There's nothing more annoying than updating your old house while your new house is being built!

The good news is that our PM has been diligently sending us updates which we look forward to like kids at Christmas! I don't think I ever posted these interior shots from either late December or early January - so here's what's been going on inside - cabinets!

I'll admit I fudged the date of this post a bit, but I wasn't sure of the exact date - so I may come back and correct  it later! Or not....