Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Peek Inside Before We Move In

I have to admit, I was afraid to post pictures from our pre-settlement walk through on Tuesday - I didn't want to jinx the closing! Crazy, eh? That's why home buying does to me - it clearly pushes me beyond the bounds of all sanity!

Now that we've closed (can I get a WAHOO?) I have no more fears so here's the pics we took of the inside - before we start moving in and mess it all up. :)

First Floor

Here's the look around the first floor:
The kitchen

More kitchen (we now realize that we need 50, count'em 50, pulls/knobs for our kitchen cabinet doors and drawers - pretty sure we went a little overboard on the cabinets)

The pantry (it's huge!!!!)

The study (my new office!)

Stairs, study doors and front door

Second Floor

Now poking around the second floor:

Top of the stairs
Landing at the top of the stairs

Laundry room (on the second floor!)

Master bedroom
Master bath



Bathroom selfie :)

And that's about it!

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