Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nothing (Almost) About the New House, Everything About the Old House

Ugh! Can we just be done and moving now?

Our old house was finally listed on Monday after we had to delay the photographer to allow time or the painters to finish. This week has been spent doing final touch-ups before our scheduled open house on Sunday.

We actually had one last minute showing who scheduled late in the day on Friday, with about 45 minutes notice. I suppose for someone who didn't work from that that might be ok, but I've been in the thick of trying to complete testing for a new patch that needs to go out ASAP! (Oh, the joys of software development!) I felt like a madman trying to rush around and clean up the projects we'd been working to finish before the open house!

I lied. I just had to change the post title, because I also realized that we've been playing phone tag trying to set up our flooring appointment. We're excited to pick the flooring for the new house, but we just couldn't seem to fit it in. Maybe things will calm down next week...maybe.

My fingers are crossed!

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